Foil behind radiators

Can I use the ordinary aluminium foil I use in the kitchen?

Kitchen foil placed behind the radiator can save a small amount of energy by reflecting infra-red heat. However it is very difficult to fit, it has a limited life and can be unsightly as it curls at the edges and easily becomes detached from the wall. Unlike HEATKEEPER Energy Saving Radiator Panels, kitchen foil has no insulating benefit and it does not improve the heat distribution in the room.

I have already fitted regular kitchen foil behind my radiators. Will I get extra savings if I add HEATKEEPER Reflector Panels as well?

No there will be no additional savings and fitting HEATKEEPER Reflector Panels on top of foil will greatly reduce adhesion to the wall. If you want to enjoy the additional savings from using HEATKEEPER Reflector Panels we recommend you remove the regular kitchen foil first.